Scarless Breast Lift

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Narbenlose Bruststraffung

A scarless breast lift, or no scar mastopexy, is a procedure that lifts and supports the breast profile in a more subtle, natural way, without any surgical incisions or visible scars. The technique completely avoids the familiar linear scars around the areola and in the lower portion of the breast that are expected following a standard mastopexy. It is suitable for a select group of patients for whom the traditional breast lift would be either unsuitable or unnecessary for their particular needs.

Many women wish to achieve perkier, more aesthetically positioned breasts, especially after pregnancy and to fight the inevitable onset of age-related sagging. But some may have reservations about how a traditional mastopexy would affect the way their breasts look. First used by leading plastic surgeon Roger K. Kouri MD, the scarless breast lift results in no visible scarring. It also utilises a post-procedure garment. Patients can wear a compression bra as directed to achieve effective tissue lifting, maintain tissue support, and achieve natural-looking aesthetic results!

A scarless breast lift procedure is a way to reach your cosmetic goals with no implants, no incisions, and no sutures!

Renowned Hamburg plastic surgeon Dr Dalia Tobbia learned the scarless breast technique from Dr Kouri himself. Her many years of experience as a specialist in breast surgery and microsurgery make her well-equipped to assess whether scarless mastopexy would be beneficial. She is proud to offer it as an alternative procedure for qualified candidates and put forth tailored recommendations for your treatment. Book a personal consultation with Dr Dalia at Plastische Chirurgie am Klosterstern near the centre of the historic city of Hamburg. Call 040 46 091 076 or complete an inquiry form for further details.

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About The Breast Lift

The breast lift, or mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the breasts’ position on the chest wall. As a procedure in the top five surgeries offered by members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and an increasingly popular surgery worldwide, many women seek a breast lift following tissue changes that happen during and after pregnancy. (1)

Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis, the medical term for sagging, is very common among adult women. It occurs in varying degrees of severity when the nipple angle sits below the inframammary fold (where the lower breast meets the chest wall). Breast position on the chest wall can be assessed as “high” or “low” depending on their location relative to the collarbone and humerus (upper arm bone). (1) Surgeons pay close attention to the location of the nipple areolar complex (NAC) related to the rest of the breast tissue. There is a scale used by surgeons to assess the degree of breast ptosis.

Measuring Breast Ptosis

  • Grade 1 Ptosis: Mild breast sagging. The nipple is at the level of the inframammary fold.
  • Grade 2 Ptosis: Moderate breast sagging. The nipple is below the inframammary fold.
  • Grade 3 Ptosis: Severe breast sagging. The nipple is far below the inframammary fold.
  • Pseudoptosis: Sagging in the lower breast. Most of the breast, but not the nipple, is below the fold. (2)
  • Parenchymal Maldistribution: Also known as “tuberous” breasts

For some women, sagging breasts affect her ability to wear what she wishes, as well as causing unwanted self-consciousness regarding her appearance. With a breast lift, patients can realise a renewed breast profile and feel better about their body shape. Making aesthetic changes through surgery can be an important step in rediscovering bodily autonomy following pregnancy.

A breast lift can transform a sagging breast profile, which can result in perkier, more youthful-looking breasts and increased confidence.

Mastopexy Scars

Some women seek to avoid the scars associated with the incisions made in a standard mastopexy. There are many different approaches, but the most common visible scars are those made around the areola, and the often prominent vertical scar from the lower edge of the areola to the chest wall.

Scarless Mastopexy

Using a special keyhole-like technique, Dr Dalia carefully separates breast skin from underlying breast tissue, then lifts and suspends the breast tissue at a higher position without removing any skin or making large incisions. Of course the skin elasticity and quality need to be optimal for the technique to work. The additional support of a compression bra, a special postoperative garment, scarless mastopexy can achieve a beautiful breast profile. The addition of fat transfer can further enhance breast reshaping as needed. 

Benefits of Scarless Mastopexy

  • Achieves breast lifting without visible scars
  • Natural-looking option for women who do not want implants
  • Creates a naturally enhanced breast appearance
  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • Reduced downtime compared to a standard breast lift


Certain mastopexy candidates may benefit from a scarless breast lift. Women with a lack of upper breast fullness with concerns about breast size, and want to undergo a procedure that results in the fewest visible scars possible should speak to Dr Dalia about their options. Ideal patients are younger individuals with a desire to achieve natural-looking breast projection without visible incision marks or implants. It is important for candidates to understand the limitations of minimally-invasive breast surgery. Dr Dalia stresses that they should understand that the lifting effect is not as strong as a mastopexy. However, most patients will gain about 2-3 cm of lift for a subtler breast projection.

Dr Dalia will thoroughly explain the benefits and drawbacks of a scarless breast lift at your consultation. At this time, she will tell you exactly what kind of results you can expect from the procedure.

Personal Consultation

When you come for your personal consultation, we will ask you to give us some information about your medical history. Please discuss any health conditions you have, and tell Dr Dalia if you have had any prior breast surgery. She will speak with you to discuss the goals you wish to reach with a mastopexy and further speak with you about whether a scarless breast lift is a good fit for your needs. Once she has performed a breast examination, she will advise you on the type of surgery that will achieve the most effective results. And, if you are a good candidate, she will arrange your surgery date.


Dr Dalia performs all breast surgeries according to the specific goals of each of her patients. The scarless mastopexy procedure uses a needle-type device to make minute holes through which the technique is performed. Like a delicate keyhole surgery, these points of entry will result in no visible scarring once they are healed. She separates the breast skin from the underlying parenchyma, or functional tissue, of the breast. By disconnecting the breast’s skin envelope from the tissue within, she can manipulate the breast to a desirable position. If you’ve chosen to undergo a fat transfer to further enhance your breasts, Dr Dalia will harvest fat from a predetermined area of your body before processing it in preparation for grafting. She will then augment the breast using the treated fat for the most aesthetic breast shape and volume. 


Our patients who have chosen the scarless breast lift say they have benefited significantly from the no-scar approach. It is convenient and there is very little downtime compared to a standard breast lift surgery. During your recovery period, Dr Dalia will give you specific instructions on how to maximise your results. Once residual swelling has gone down, you will see your natural-looking, newly lifted breasts!

Cost of a Scarless Breast Lift in Hamburg

To discuss the cost of a scarless breast lift with Dr Dalia, please book a personal consultation. The cost of your treatment will depend on your individual specifications. Contact Plastische Chirurgie am Klostern via our simple form, or call 040 46 091 076 to reach us directly. 


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