Liposuction and Fat Transfer

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Are there areas of your body that can not achieve definition? Even after exercising and dieting, areas of our body can retain a stubborn layer of fat. Localized pockets of fat accumulation can be distinguished from generalized fat seen in obesity and are usually resilient to vigorous physical activity and healthy eating. Such areas can successfully be treated with liposuction to improve the symmetry of body contours. The removed fat can also be washed and processed for re-injection back into the body to enhance the breasts, buttocks and be used to smooth out wrinkles in the face. This process is called a fat transfer is often used to re-contour areas of the body.

It is important to note that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for a proper diet and exercise. Liposuction combined with a fat transfer is a good solution for people with a healthy weight who could have fat deposits used to contour other parts of their body.

Dr. Dalia Tobbia is a leader in her field. She specializes in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery with sub-specialties in breast surgery, microsurgery, super microsurgery, and lymph surgery. Dr. Dalia Tobbia is well reviewed and has won many awards for her work. Dr. Dalia Tobbia pays attention to detail and works meticulously to ensure results are balanced with a natural and beautiful aesthetic appearance.

What is Liposuction and Fat Transfer?

Liposuction and fat transfers are two different procedures. Combined, they allow fat to be removed from one area of the body and be transferred to another. This provides a natural method for body contouring by removing the excess fat from one area and transplanting it to another. The liposuction and fat transfer procedures are performed in two stages on the same day. First, the liposuction is performed gently and using fine cannulas in order to preserve the fat cells. The fat is then washed and filtered before being transferred into the desired location.

Liposuction with fat transfer is a discrete and efficient surgical procedure that slims down areas of excess localized fat and helps to re-sculpt more proportionate body contours in other areas. It is also possible to address more than one area in a single procedure, this depends on several factors and can be determined during your consultation. Anesthesia is applied for the procedure to maximize comfort.

Liposuction may be performed on the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest area, cheeks, chin, neck, calves, and ankles. It is a diverse procedure that is artfully performed by Dr. Dalia Tobbia to provide natural contouring to the body. Liposuction may also be performed alongside other cosmetic surgeries.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer involves removing fat from an obese area of the body, a problem or donor area, and relocating it to another area. Fat is commonly transferred to the breast or buttocks and can also be used to volumize and fill in deep lines on the face.

Together, these two processes allow Dr. Dalia Tobbia to sculpt and contour a patient’s body and provide them with the aesthetic goal they have in mind.

Is Liposuction and Fat Transfer right for you?

Ideal candidates for combined liposuction and fat transfer are:

  • Adults with 30% their ideal weight
  • Patients with stubborn areas of fat
  • Healthy individuals
  • Patients with a realistic understanding of body contouring

If you are bothered by excess fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise, liposuction may be right for you.


Before the liposuction and fat transfer procedure, Dr. Dalia Tobbia meets with patients for a long consultation. She will evaluate their general health and ask about any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors that may affect the recovery or the healing process. She will take photographs to better plan for the procedure and understand the areas to be worked on. Liposuction and fat transfer options will be discussed and together, Dr. Dalia Tobbia and the patient will create an ideal treatment plan that best fits their body and health. Dr. Dalia Tobbia will also discuss the outcomes, risks and potential complications involved in liposuction and fat transfer procedures.

Dr. Dalia Tobbia will ask the patient about their surgical goals and the outcomes they hope to achieve. Medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous medical treatments or surgeries will be discussed so that Dr. Dalia Tobbia can assess whether the patient is an ideal, healthy candidate for this procedure. Current medications, vitamins, and supplements will be disclosed so that Dr. Dalia Tobbia can have a better understanding of the patient’s general health. At this time, the patient in encouraged to ask all questions or concerns they have.

It is also common to have feelings of excitement or anxiety, we encourage patients to talk to Dr. Dalia Tobbia about these feelings, so she may best educate them and make them confident in the long-lasting effects liposuction and fat transfer can have.


To prepare for this procedure, patients will need to take a few days off from their schedules. Patients will be able to return to their routine after a couple of days and may return to their normal activities in about two weeks. Bruising, swelling and soreness are to be expected and will stop within a few weeks.

Certain medications will need to be adjusted to ensure a healthy recovery. Smoking will need to stop two weeks prior to the surgery as it can affect circulation. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements will also need to stop being taken two weeks prior because they can affect blood clotting.

The patient will need to arrange for someone to drive them to and from the surgery. Following the procedure, the patient may need to spend the night in the hospital to ensure post-operative recovery is going well. Depending on circumstances the patient may need to stay additional nights.


When the patient arrives for their procedure, they will receive anesthesia to provide comfort during the surgical procedure. It will either be general anesthesia (where the patient is made to sleep during the procedure) or local anesthesia (where the predetermined area is numbed but the patient is awake).

Local anesthesia will be applied to the pre-established area to reduce bleeding and swelling.

Liposuction will then be performed through tiny incisions. Then a cannula, or thin tube, will be inserted through the incisions to break up excess fat using a back and forth motion. The fat is then suctioned out of the body. A surgical vacuum or syringe will be implemented to remove the dislodged fat.

The fat will then be washed and filtered using a sterile closed system. In a separate procedure, that fat will then be transferred to other areas in the body via injection. These areas may include the face to smooth out wrinkles or the breast or buttocks to enhance appearance. The fat may also be used to fill out indented areas, scarred areas or contour asymmetry.

The procedure will vary in time depending on the amount or work that needs to be done and your specific aesthetic goal.

Liposuction and Fat Transfer Benefits

Liposuction combined with fat transfers provide benefits such as:

  • Boost in confidence
  • Long-lasting, mostly permanent, results
  • Improved self-body image
  • Liposuction and fat transfers are available to men and women. This procedure allows the body to be re-contoured.

Post-Operative Care

Swelling is a common symptom of liposuction and it may take several months for swelling to fully dissipate. As it does, the new contours will become apparent. After the procedure, an elastic bandage will be applied to the treated areas for the first 2-3 days. These bandages help control the swelling. They also hold the skin in place to help shape it to the body’s adjusted contours. After the elastic bandages are removed compression garments must be worn for a period of 4-6 weeks. Regular follow up appointments are arranged to ensure the healing process is going well. Oral medications will also be prescribed.

Specific instructions on how to care for your treated areas will be provided by Dr. Dalia Tobbia. She will also inform you when to contact her for a follow-up appointment to ensure your recovering is going well.

Liposuction and Fat Transfer Results

Contours and re-sculpting will be apparent once swelling and fluid retention diminish. Maintaining a healthy weight and staying fit will help to maintain long-lasting results following liposuction. It is natural for the body to lose firmness with age, but results from liposuction and a fat transfer are relatively permanent.


As each person’s body differs, so will the cost of their procedure. You and Dr. Dalia Tobbia will work together to create a personal plan that fits your body and aesthetic goals. If you are interested in combined liposuction and fat transfer procedure, contact Dr. Dalia Tobbia today to set up a consultation at +49 (0) 40 46 091 076.