Buttock Lift

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A buttock lift is a surgical procedure that primarily removes excess loose skin above the buttock area to lift and improve the shape and contour of the bottom. Are you self conscious about the flattened contour of your butt? If a well-sculpted and rounder butt is something you have dreamed of, but excess skin and tissue are getting in the way, a buttock lift could help that dream become a reality. 

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About the Buttock Lift

In today’s society, many people desire to achieve a perky, well-proportioned behind. Based on your specific needs, Dr. Dalia will examine what technique and procedure steps are right for you. She is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience and is equipped to guide you through the process and help you achieve the best results possible.

A buttock lift starts with incisions along the upper gluteal area, through the subcutaneous tissue, and then the tissue is removed. The skin below is repositioned and sutured higher near the lower back. This creates a newly lifted butt without the use of implants. (1) To achieve fuller buttocks, the incorporation of fat transfer or implants is often necessary. Dr. Dalia offers her services for patients interested in both the buttock lift and the Brazilian butt lift depending on your specific situation.

Buttock Lift vs. The Brazilian Butt Lift

A buttock lift differs from a Brazilian Butt Lift in many ways, the main one being this procedure is not necessarily for increasing the size of the butt, but to improve the shape and position of the gluteal muscles and remove skin excess. Dr. Dalia focuses on creating a natural contour while tightening the skin on and surrounding the buttock area. The cosmetic change will not be as dramatic as it is when a patient undergoes a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

During a Brazilian butt lift, one of the main steps of the procedure is the use of liposuction. Fat is separated and removed from designated areas and cleaned and reintroduced into the buttocks to enhance its shape and size. Though the two procedures are similar, the buttock lift does not usually include the use of liposuction or fat transfer of any kind. The surgery choice is determined by each patient’s specific needs and expectations.

Benefits of a Buttock Lift

If you are experiencing sagging in the gluteal area, particularly after massive weight loss, here are the benefits of receiving a buttock lift from Dr. Dalia:

  • A lifted and more sculpted bottom
  • Less loose skin surrounding the buttocks
  • More self-confidence in your body and its shape
  • It lifts the buttock without the need for implants
  • Considered a very safe procedure with minimal complications

The results of a buttock lift are permanent, but it is important to remember the body will still experience changes due to aging and weight fluctuation afterward. 

When considering a body enhancing procedure, it can be helpful to remember the effects of self-esteem on a patient’s everyday life. With a buttock lift, you can regain the confidence necessary to show off your bottom again, while also taking care of uncomfortable loose skin.

Candidates for a Buttock Lift

Candidates for a buttock lift:

  • Have excess and sagging skin around the buttocks area 
  • Experience flatness and lack of definition around the buttocks cheeks
  • Are individuals who rapidly lost weight and therefore lost definition around the bum
  • Are individuals who have lost muscle tone or elasticity
  • Are in good over health with no pre-existing health conditions

Advice and Treatment

In your private consultation with Dr. Dalia, she will ask you a series of questions to get a feel of what you are looking to achieve with this procedure. After a thorough medical examination, she will also take record of your medical history to ensure the surgery is right for you. Dr. Dalia will inform you about each step of a buttock lift, including the possible risks and limitations that may present. 


To be fully prepared for a buttock lift procedure, one must:

  • Refrain from using any and all tobacco products
  • Stop the use of all anti-inflammatory medications that thin the blood (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.)

This surgery requires the use of general anesthesia, so fasting for 12 hours before your buttocks lift is essential. 

Buttock Lift Procedure and Recovery

Dr. Dalia will mark your backside preoperatively to determine how much skin and tissue can be dissected safely and efficiently. Her surgical team will first administer general anesthesia. She will then make an incision from hip to hip along the lower back, exactly where she placed the preoperative markings.(2) She will then lift and reposition the tissues according to your specific treatment plan.

Once the buttocks have been augmented, Dr. Dalia will place drains at strategic points to reduce swelling. She will provide aftercare instructions necessary to empty and clean the drains safely. You will come back roughly 3 days postoperatively to get them removed.

At all follow up appointments, Dr. Dalia will give you all remaining care instructions to ensure a thorough recovery and maximum comfortability.

Dr. Dalia will provide you with a compression garment that you will wear on your lower body as it heals for at least 6 weeks. This will help prevent blood clots and keep the incisions protected. You will also try to avoid sitting as much as possible. Dr. Dalia will provide you with tips on how to relax without straining your incisions.

The downtime for a buttock lift is usually 2 to 3 weeks, and after 3 months you should be cleared for vigorous exercise and other activities. During this time, you want to make sure you are walking, as gentle movement will support a swift recovery.

Results of a Buttock Lift

Following your surgery, you will see results almost immediately. Patients who take care to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle after their buttock lift will be able to maintain long term results. Each patient’s circumstances differ widely, including influence from genetic situations and general health quality. It is recommended that you keep a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet to prolong the results of your buttock lift. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 


Liposuction is performed with a thin tube which is used to suction fat from areas where it is unwanted. This method permanently removes the fat cells. Depending on your treatment plan, the fat is sometimes redistributed somewhere else in the body to contour the areas you desire, such as the breasts. Removing stubborn fat from the midsection, arms, or thighs is often done while patients receive a buttock lift, and this is a swift and complementary procedure that can enhance your results.

Fat Transfer

Since the buttock lift itself does not alter the size of the bottom, fat transfer can help patients acquire that result if they desire. That is exactly what a Brazilian Butt Lift does. It is especially useful if they are excess fat in hard-to-tone places that can be treated with liposuction at the same time as their lift. Dr. Dalia will work with you to discuss which method is best for your individual needs.

Arm Lift Procedure

Often people that have undergone significant weight loss can end up with extra loose skin around their arms. An arm lift performed by Dr. Dalia can remove and tighten this area with one incision that extends from the armpit to the elbow. Depending on the extent of the loose skin, this incision can easily be shortened. If you have noticed “bat wings” forming as you age, this procedure can help you get back the arm contour and outline from earlier in life. 

Back Lift Procedure

Fat and loose skin accumulation can also happen on your upper and lower back. During a back lift, Dr. Dalia can use liposuction and small, easily concealed incisions to rid you of any cumbersome fat pockets or excess skin. This procedure can be another step toward the contoured silhouette you are in search of. Combined with a buttock life, receiving this procedure can enhance your shape even further.

Cost of a Buttock Lift in Hamburg

The cost of a buttock lift is completely dependent on the patient’s circumstances and their personalized treatment plan. 

If you are interested in receiving a buttock lift at Plastische Chirurgie am Klosterstern, please contact us to schedule a consultation, or call +49 (0) 40 46091076.

There is more information about the buttock lift and many other procedures and services Dr. Dalia offers on our blog!


Will there be a noticeable scar after a buttock lift?

While scars from a buttocks lift can be prominent, Dr. Dalia places your incisions in such a way that they can be easily concealed in the bikini line right above the butt. During your first month of recovery, making sure not to strain the incision will ensure its healing and result in a smooth scar.

Will a buttock lift increase the size of my bottom?

Unlike the Brazilian butt lift, a standard buttock lift will not increase the size of the bottom. It is simply used to enhance the shape of the area by removing loose skin.


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