Treatment For Increased Sweating

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Many people suffer from excessive sweating that occurs when the temperature isn’t hot and in the absence of physical exertion. Most commonly this affects the underarms, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The sweat literally drips off disrupting daily activities and leads to much social anxiety and embarrassment.

One treatment is the injection of Botox to provide temporary relief lasting several months. For a more permanent solution it is possible to reduce the number of sweat glands by sweat gland suction in a similar method to liposuction. However this is only possible for treatment of the armpits.

Consultation and Treatment

Before you consider undergoing any surgical procedure, a physical examination and consultation will take place with our surgical expert. A treatment plan is formulated based on detailed discussions of the most up to date treatment options available.

Treatment With Botox

This treatment can be used for the underarms, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Botox is injected into predetermined points using a very fine needle usually without the need for local anaesthesia. After the Botox has been administered cooling packs to the treated areas will help reduce any swelling. Strenuous physical activity, exposure to excessive heat and saunas should be avoided immediately after treatment. The effects of having Botox injected become apparent after 1 week, and last between 3-6 months.

Treatment By Sweat Gland Suction

This method is indicated for the underarm area only. One or two small incisions are made in the hair baring area under the arm to inject a solution containing local anaesthesia. The sweat glands are suctioned using very small cannulas reducing their numbers to ultimately diminish sweat output. Compression is applied for about a week. The sweat glands removed cannot regrow and therefore the results are long lasting.