Beautiful female breasts

For years, my breasts were too small for me. Some months ago, I gave myself a jerk and got my breasts from Dr. Dalia Tobbia.

Consultation, surgery and aftercare went off without a hitch. I am very satisfied with the result – just as I imagined! Therefore, great praise to Dr. Dalia Tobbia and my unrestricted recommendation!!

by B.T.

Breast enlargement with autologous fat

I wanted to have bigger breasts, but I did not like silicone implants. That’s why I opted for a self-fat transfer. After researching on the web, I found Dr. Dalia Tobbia and was immediately inspired by the possibilities!

Preliminary talk, surgery and after-treatment – everything went perfectly. I am very satisfied with my bosom, I have come from B to C and everything looks wonderfully natural. In addition, my thighs are slim now. Really great!!!

by P.M.

Intimate surgery

After years of dissatisfaction, I have decided on a reduction of the inner labia and with Dr. Dalia Tobbia I found a very competent as well as warmhearted doctor. Just three weeks after surgery, the result looks very good and quite natural. If I had known how uncomplicated the procedure would be, I would have had it done much earlier. Up to three hours immediately after the operation, the pain wasn’t bad and the wound healing was unproblematic. With my questions and also fears Dr. Dalia Tobbia had great sensitivity and took all the time I needed.

With Dr. Dalia Tobbia and her team made I felt well cared for and I can highly recommend them.

by L.O.

Eliminated my ‘fat apron’ after weight loss

I owe Dalia a great flat stomach! For years I suffered from obesity. A gastric band and a diet change finally helped me lose weight. What remained was a nasty fat apron. After consulting with several clinics, my gut feeling told me that Dr. Dalia Tobbia should be the one to operate. She advised me in detail and seemed very sympathetic to me.

The surgery is now several months ago and I’m overjoyed with the result. My gut feeling did not disappoint me!!!

by E.G.

Liposuction with lipoedema on the legs

Looking for an outpatient option, I came across the website of this practice. She seemed very competent and serious to me. I got a free consultation within a week. Dr. Dalia Tobbia is a very sympathetic, understanding and human. During the consultation my ideas were compared with the medical possibilities. There were no empty promises made, but there were realistic facts and it was discussed what is medically possible. So I knew what to expect. The technical competence impressed me very much, so I felt well looked after and had no more reservations and fears so I immediately made an appointment for the surgery.

Shortly before the surgery, there was another consultation and information session, in which all the details were discussed again and in which the actual state was documented with photos. The procedure took place with an overnight stay in the BGAOP (here there was also an informative discussion before). Everything was great here too! Both legs (top and bottom) were treated and the result is really incredible!!! Dr. Dalia Tobbia is very conscientious and takes a lot of time for the follow-up appointments. The healing process is also documented by photos. In retrospect, I can confirm that everything occurred as Dr. Dalia Tobbia explained it to me before and during the follow-up process.

In this practice one finds on a high level of medical perfection coupled with humanity!

A big thank you for my new attitude to life!!! I would recommend this practice at any time!

by A.M.

Stylish, in every way

Dr. Dalia Tobbia impresses her beautifully furnished practice, the individual advice and her good training. But in the end her warm and obliging charisma is the reason to choose her as the attending physician.

After a detailed consultation, we quietly discussed all the options and selected the best. She took a lot of time during treatment. The result is subtle and beautifies my face without altering it.

by P.G.

A nice and competent doctor

Super nice doctor. Has taken a lot of time for advice and treatment. I will go there again and again. Absolutely recommended.

by R.F.

Best doctor in this field!

Rarely experienced such a competent, open-minded doctor!

Had strong dark circles and by the treatment with Hyualoron syringes they were gone after 2 weeks!

I will come back!!!

Thanks to Dr.Dalia!!!

by T.A.

Personally driven home after surgery – more is not possible!

I had a breast enlargement in May. Already after the first appointment I knew with Dr. Dalia Tobbia that I was in the right hands. My fear was that I had too little of my own fat for a successful result. She has promised me that she would do everything possible, and I really got the desired result! Natural looking and feeling breasts! Since my car unfortunately failed, she even gave me a ride home!

by S.E.

Perfection in person

Every now and then I would go back to Dr. Dalia Tobbia’s practice. She is friendly, understanding and has a golden touch. Absolute perfection combined with a lot of time and patience make them the best in their field. The practice is always clean and tidy. At the counter you will be greeted with a smile and feel at ease.

by B.H.

Very nice doctor, who takes a lot of time

Even for my third visit to the practice for wrinkle treatment (injection with hyaluronic acid and Botox treatment) Dr. Dalia Tobbia took enough time for advice and treatment. I am more than satisfied with the result.

by A.N.

Great care and great result

I contacted Dr. Dalia Tobbia and felt very well cared for and very well advised. After consulting with a total of four doctors, I knew that with Dr. Dalia Tobbia I had found my right doctor.

The advice was very good and I could always ask every question that came to mind. Dalia always took time for me.

The result is absolutely great and I am very satisfied and would always return to Dr. Dalia Tobbias practice. I am very happy to have done the surgery with her.

Many thanks to Dr. Dalia Tobbia.

by M.B.

Competent and very human doctor

I have been to see Dr. Dalia Tobbia for Botox and Hyaluronic injections. Dr. Dalia Tobbia always takes a lot of time so that one can ask questions in peace. She explains in detail her treatment steps and works super exactly. The results are just what you want them to be – I’m very satisfied and will always go back to her.

by T.L.

Very good care and great result

I had a chest reduction and tightening and the result was very good. I am very pleased. The practice and the team are all very nice. The doctor takes a lot of time to discuss everything and also takes time before signing before the operation. It starts only when she is 100% satisfied. All in all very recommendable.

by R.L.

Good advice, good craftsmanship, good result

Dr. Dalia Tobbia explained in advance all the individual steps and justifications. Everything comprehensible with realistic promises of success. Good interaction between the clinicians (anesthesia) and the surgeon. Own wishes (as soon as possible, but short hospital stay) were considered.

Unusually, I needed 2 weeks of drainage, so more follow-up appointments than usual.. The replacement of the bottles was possible at any time and at short notice.

Surgery is only 3 weeks ago, felt great result, not all swollen, seam looks very good. Immediately after the procedure and also during the healing phase no pain. For the procedure I consider Dr. Dalia Tobbia as ideal, as a woman you can talk to her openly and without frills about everything.

by B.R.